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Quick-Dry Air System


Dries waterborne coatings quickly and efficiently.

Increases air movement and volume by using compressed air.

Unique stand allows for positioning of air dryer to substrate.

CFM Requirement:
1 Gun - 10 cfm
2 Guns - 12 cfm

Maximum inlet pressure: 100 psi


Features Advantages
Quick-Dry Increased Production
Efficient Fast Waterborne Dry Time
Unique Design Multiplies Ambient Air Flow Over Substrate
Product Number:
QD234 - Two Quick-Dry Guns and Stand
  QD134 - Single Quick-Dry Gun (without Stand)


The PCL Waste Management Equipment and Service
2-Drum Pallet Containment

The 2-Drum Pallet Containment Unit is constructed from molded, UV-protected polyethylene making it nearly impervious to chemical attack from hazardous acids, caustics and solvents. It resists deterioration in rough environments.

The Ideal platform for 30- and 55-gallon drums or other containers stored indoors. Seamless construction eliminates leaks even if a 55-gallon drum fails and completely dumps its contents. The oversized spill sump meets or exceeds the most stringent of spill containment regulations. Self-locating gates lift off quickly for cleanup.

A low profile assures convenience and ease of loading. Wide forklift pockets facilitate relocation of loaded pallets. Gray color hides grime and dirt to keep the workplace looking clean.

Load Bearing Capacity: 2500 lbs.
Sump Capacity: 66 gallons
Outside Dimensions: 49"W x 25"D x 15.5"H
Shipping weight: 45 lbs / 20 Kg
Compliance: EPA, UFC

Haz Mat Spill Kit

A compact, highly visible and convenient spill kit designed to provide a quick response to hazardous material spills. The D.O.T.-specified drum contains all the components required to help comply with local regulations.

PRODUCT NO. SK95-0, HAZ MAT SPILL Kit includes:
1 ea. 55-Gallon Drum (D.O.T. 17H Hazardous Waste)
2 ea. 25-lb. Bags of Hazardous Materials Absorbent
1 ea. Plastic (Non-Sparking) Shovel
1 ea. Polypropylene Broom
1 ea. Disposable Dual Cartridge Respirator
1 ea. Pair Protective Goggles
1 ea. Pair Neoprene Safety Gloves
1 ea. Tyvek Protective Coverall
1 ea. Wall/Floor Sign
1 ea.

Information Package: How-to-contain; Removal Instructions;
Flammable Placards; Hazardous Waste Placards